Global Warming

Global Warming

Paragraph/Article – 1

The term ‘Global Warming’ refers to the rise in the temperature of planet earth which will bring an end to the mountains old human civilization. The Green house gages including CFC-11 and CFC- 12 make the earth hotter and hotter by absorbing maximum quantity of thermal radiation of the sun. These gasses permit the rays of the sun to penetrate but don’t let the thermal radiations escape from the earth’s atmosphere once they enter it. This causing what is termed as the Greenhouse effect which is responsible for the increase in the temperature all over the world. The rise in temperature disturbs the rain cycle, the ecological balance, the cycle of seasons etc. It adversely affects vegetation and agriculture. Thus, we have to face frequent floods and droughts through the world. With the increase in temperature and the melting of glaciers, even snowfall has reduced its occurrence and intensity. The winter temperatures are showing a gradual increase. With the warming of the planet there is also rise in humidity because the rise in temperature has increase the rate of evaporation. The local governments should work against the emission of the Greenhouse gages by improving the vehicles, creating awareness among the people, selling environment-friendly appliances; encourage recycling of paper, metal and glass etc. Such efforts are needed by the people at the grass-root level. Only then we can combat this problem in an effective way.

Paragraph/Article – 2

Global warming can be best defined as the increase in the overall warming of our planet, which if not checked will burn all of us alive in the near future. According to a recent study Green house gages are the major cause for the increase of the average temperature of earth. There is a danger of coastal regions drowning due to increase in sea level with the shrinking of glaciers. Thus there is a grave danger of an entire civilization becoming extinct in a watery grave. Animals and plants are also finding it difficult to cope up with these temperature changes. Species after species of both flora and fauna might disappear from the face of earth. Not only this, even human life is getting affected by Global Warming. Epidemics are spreading frequently. There is heat stress responsible for killing people. Disease like dengue fever, yellow fever and encephalitis are indirect results of Global Warming. As the saying goes “It’s never too late”, the government should now try to educate the people about various kinds of pollution and create public awareness. People should be involved in helping to reduce and control pollution. Moreover, punishment should be strictly given in case of violation of any environmental law so that such people learn a lesion. Until we all get serious and resolve to make our planet a better place to live in, humanity stands amidst grave danger of perishing and being destroyed due to the severe and increase problem of pollution. The need of the day calls each and every citizen of planet earth to plant trees everywhere…

Paragraph/Article – 3

According to the Human Development Report (H.D.R) 2007, developed countries should cut their carbon emission at least by 80 %, by the year 2050, with 20 -30 % cuts by 2030, if the earth has to be saved from the adverse effects of Global Warming. The report also calls for 20 % in carbon emission by fast growing economies like Indian and China. The UN report says that there is a small window of opportunity in this century for limiting the global temperature increase to 2 degrees centigrade. If this is not done, humanity will face a series of climactic changes that will wreak havoc on the planet. These will include flooding of coastal areas, crop failures, epidemics, severe water scarcity and increase in natural disasters. According to the report, climate change will affect the world’s poor most. Global warming will initiate droughts and flooding which will destroy the sources of live hood for poor people in Africa, Asia and South America. The poorer sections will also be the most prone to health disaster like spread of malaria and diarrhea. The H.D.R also makes it clear that the rich countries have to take the main responsibility for controlling emissions.

Paragraph/Article – 4

All living organisms will be burn alive. Yes! Global warming if not check will bring an end to life on planet earth. Thus governments all over the world are concerned about the adverse effects of the rise of the average temperature of planet earth. IN 1992, the earth Summit was held at Riode Janeiro, Brazil where 150 countries agreed to confront the problem of Greenhouse gages. In 1997, in Japan, 160 nations signed an agreement called as Kyoto Protocol. The Protocol calls upon the developed nations to reduce the emissions of Greenhouse gages up to 50 % by 2012. The treaty still awaits to be implemented by the developed countries, especially the US. Our survival on the planet depends upon the maintenance of the environment that protects us. Thus, it becomes our utmost need and necessity to regain the lost balance in the nature and create harmony between its various constituent elements.

Paragraph/Article – 5

Global warming is the increase in average global temperature due to increase in amount of green house effects in the earth’s atmosphere. The average global temperature is 15 degree centigrade which is maintained due to presence of certain gases like Carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitrous oxide and chlorofluro carbon present with troposphere. The gages are collectively called heat trapping or green house gages. Lanth’s temperature is maintained by traditional infer-red (heat) radiation by these Green House effects which prevent heart from escaping to outer space, so one functionality comparable to glass panels of a green house which keep carbon dioxide concentration higher and so higher temperature inside the green house. So the effect is called Green House effect.

Paragraph/Article – 6

The challenge before us is to reduce Global warming. Global warming will melt the polarize caps. It is estimated that if all the ice on the earth melts, about 200 feet of water would be added to the surface of all oceans. Satellite pictures have shown that the solar ice has been shrinking by 10 percent per decade since 1980. Due to global warming, India-Khumba glaciers of Md. Everest has retreated by 5 km since 1953 while sea ice cover of Arctic Ocean has declined by 6 % from 1978 to 1953. It is estimated that an increase of only 3 degree centigrade atmospheric temperature may raise sea level by 0.2-1.5 meters over the next 50-100 years, this may submerge low lying coastal cities like Shanghai, Bangkok, Dhaka, Sydney etc. In Indian this effects may also threaten the inundation of Lakshadweep islands, Mumbai and deltas of Ganges (West Bengal), Carvers (T.N), Godavari (AP) and Mahanadi, Orissa.

Paragraph/Article – 7

The time has gone from our hands for debating on the issue of Global warming. Today the need of the day demand implementation of measures to decrease Global warming. Some of the measures that may help to check global warming are (a) Control of population growth by decreasing the birth rate (b) Afforestation (Planting more tress on new areas) (c) Deforestation reversal by reforestation (d) Reduction in the use of chlorofloro carbons (e) Shift from coal to natural gas on electricity as energy resource (f) To trap and use methane as a fuel. (g) More use of non-conventional source of energy like wind power and solar energy. Automobiles should be made more fuel efficient and less taking on the environment.



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