Education in Present India

Education in Present India

Present Education System in India | How can we Improve Our Education System?

In India our present Education System is not good. Education System is mainly based on theoretical knowledge they don’t believe in practical knowledge.

Theoretical knowledge is also important but if you don’t take practical knowledge you will not understand clearly that topic. Indian education is very harsh for the kids and ignores their feelings and ambitions. Parents are pushed their kids to school at the age of 3. They don’t understand the feelings and opinions of kids. Education should be creative not be based on cramming.

Some people think that education is only for getting marks in the degree and they are educated after completed but they don’t know the reality of life they completed their degree after cram the syllabus. Actually they are only book worms not well educated because they don’t have practical knowledge.

Now days we are watching many people who don’t get job after completing their higher education and they are unemployed. The reason behind that they don’t have practical knowledge they know only about books topic and don’t know about the real world problems.

We can’t say that theoretical knowledge or education is not good for the people. By the help of education we can learn how to think, how to work properly, how to make decision, how to sit, how to talk with other people etc. this all can be done by proper education.

The education system of India should be learning centric not a books centric. Student must be allowed to take subject according to their interest. Student should not try to get all information from books and lectures. Books will not provide you proper education it can be increase by sharing ideas and views to others. Student should get information with its own by the help of library and internet. Internet will provide your detail information about your topic as well as it increases your knowledge.

Self reading and gathering information from the internet will increase your good reading habit, self confidence and analytical skills. Student will be able to remember for a long time when they apply it practically. Student should visit field trips to botanical garden, museum etc to get practical knowledge and learn something from the experienced people which will increase their communication skills.



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